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The Non-governmental organization called « NULA » was born from a bitter report made in the City of Kinshasa Province concerning the extreme vulnerability in which orphaned children live.
We first asked ourselves this question: “If there are a considerable number of street children whose parents are still alive, who sadly lead a life of distress and misery, let alone orphaned children who do not do not have parents, what would be their fate? “

After conducting a survey to report on the extreme vulnerability of orphaned children in the City of Kinshasa, we decided to create a non-governmental organization whose main mission would be to supervise and support the most vulnerable orphaned children in Kinshasa. view of their reintegration and socio-community reintegration.

NULA is a non-governmental organization for the protection of children, under Congolese law. The NGO NULA was created mainly for the cause of orphaned children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
We advocate for the integration, reintegration and sustainable reintegration of the most vulnerable orphaned children.

We accompany and supervise vulnerable orphaned children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

‘’Accompany – Reinsertion – Stabilize’’
We have the certainty and conviction that once vulnerable orphaned children are well supervised, well supported, well reintegrated and stabilized, they can be the hope of a nation.

>> Schooling of orphaned children
Enfants à l'écoleThe orphan children who are supervised by the NGO NULA are mostly children who have been out of school because of the extreme poverty of one of their leaders.
We put a special emphasis on their school education because that is what will make them useful to the nation.

>> Providing food for orphans
Enfants à l'écoleIn order to protect children from the malnutrition suffered by many children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we provide them with a healthy and balanced diet, which has a positive impact on their performance at school level.

>> Advocacy for orphaned children
The NGO NULA is also conducting awareness campaigns and advocacy with policy makers, with other international organizations to put in place strategies and programs that will lead to effective care and reintegration and sustainable orphaned children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The NGO NULA would also like to sensitize other organizations of the civil society to work in synergy for a sustainable work.
Political and economic inequalities are an obstacle to sustainable and equitable human development.

>> Agro-pastoral activities for orphans
We also have agro-pastoral activities to be carried out for orphaned children with three objectives:
* Firstly, to diversify the diet of orphaned children.
* Find the means of self-financing of all our activities.
* Finally, try to teach children the profession and the entrepreneurial spirit, because children go there during the holidays to learn how to practice agro-pastoral activities.

>> Health care of orphaned children
The NGO NULA advocates for full care of health care for orphaned children. This medical care of orphaned children is one of our priorities.
Since we are in an area where children are exposed to endemic diseases, we are setting up a project to create a medical structure with a view to becoming self-sustaining and also to minimize the cost.

>> Reunification
The NGO NULA only helps to replace the family burden of orphaned children whose close relatives live in extreme poverty. However, the NGO NULA maintains a permanent contact with the family members of these orphaned children in order to facilitate a sustainable family reunification.
In our view, some children no longer want to return to their families, so we play a big role in reuniting these children with their family members.